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How to Have a Hassle - Free Divorce

But, many divorced couples would acknowledge that divorcing without hassles is quite difficult. Spouses largely hold divergent views and contradict each other. Four issues on which couples usually contend are;

  • Division of property
  • Child custodial rights and parenting plan
  • Child support money
  • Spousal support money
Yet, majority of the dissonant couples resolve their issues and divorce uncontested, for they share a strong desire to have a conflict free divorce.

They deeply desire to stay in control of the situation and not terminate their marital relationship in rancour. They also realise and appreciate the benefits entailed by a hassle free divorce.

  • Amicable divorces help the couple divorce in dignity.

    Their private lives are not subjected to open discussions in the court room.

  • Divorcing in dignity and continuing to lead a contention free life in the post divorce phase entails much peace of mind. Children thrive in such an atmosphere.
  • Children need plentiful love to develop into well balanced individuals. A peaceful atmosphere makes it possible for the non custodial parent to regularly visit the children and provide the requisite love and nurturing care.

  • Conflict free divorces also benefit the couples financially. A lot of money that might otherwise have been spent on solicitor fees is saved.
  • Apart from the cost saving factor divorcing without altercations, saves a lot, in terms of time and emotional costs.
  • Divorcing in amity helps prevent judicial intervention and arbitration. It is highly satisfactory to resolve issues pertaining to self, without external intervention.
How to Ensure a Hassle Free Divorce? Though, divorcing couples seldom agree with each other, they work through their issues with the help of a mediator.

A mediator helps reach an agreement in three or four sessions. Here, couples discuss their issues, propose new solutions and envision its practicability. The mediator plays a neutral role and just provides them with legal information. Based on this they reach a fair agreement. If necessary, either spouse consults their individual solicitor. Sometimes solicitors speak on behalf of their clients during mediation.

This is a good option, for during these sessions the couple might enter into heated personal arguments. The lawyers speak professionally on behalf of their clients and reach quick decisions. The information revealed during these sessions is confidential and cannot be used at any other time during the divorce proceedings. The mediator maintains strict confidentiality. But, the best advantage of mediation is that couples are encouraged to appreciate the positive aspects of each other and reach amicable solutions. Without a mediator couples often find it difficult to reach an agreement.

They reach the divorce courts where the negative aspect of either partner is highlighted. This destroys the little semblance of civil relationship they might have shared; turning them into bitter foes. The Hassle - Free Divorce Kit The DIY divorce packs are available online to enable couples have an uncontested divorce. Usually divorcing is not a legally complicated affair. It is the reaching of a settlement that is difficult. The divorce pack is available with a comprehensive guide that enables easy filling of the forms.

Legal doubts are clarified via telephonic conversations. And couples who want specified advice can seek the help of solicitors. A hassle free divorce is the best preferred option, but it is not always possible to divorce amicably. When are Hassle - Free Divorces not Possible?

  • Domestic violence creates an atmosphere that offers no chance for compromise.
  • An argument free divorce is possible when both the marital partners are understanding and reasonably just. An unjust demand to extract the maximum benefit from the spouse makes reaching a settlement difficult.

  • Couples, who are intent on arguing, make attempts at reaching an accord futile.
Avoidance of arguments during divorce helps prevent the development of bitter rivalry. Deeply disagreeing couples should avoid speaking or meeting each other.

The only place of meeting should be the office of the mediator. The mediator helps these discordant spouses reach decisions and divorce amicably. A peaceful divorce ensures a peaceful post divorce period that is beneficial for the divorcing spouses and the children.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. For more information on getting a Divorce see

How to Have a Hassle - Free Divorce

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