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Why Women Never Call You After a Date

Have you ever wondered why a woman never texts or calls you after you have been out on a date together? I bet you start to think she hasn't had a good time, she doesn't like you, you are not good enough for her or she finds your company boring or not exciting enough. Probably all of that. I could start to tell you that one bad date won't affect the way she feels about you or how attracted she is to you, but I'd be lying. Especially if this is the first date you have with your new woman, it could all be over before it even really started. A woman will make up her mind about you in a flash. Not intentionally, but sub-consciously! And not only women do that, men do it as well.

I mean, you made your mind up about her instantly. You decided that within just a few minutes or even seconds of seeing or talking to her that you felt sexually attracted to her. So unless you made a good impression to start with she wont be interested in you. Now what about the moments leading up to the date? Did you decide where to go or did you ASK HER? Let me guess, you acted like the perfect gentleman and told her that she could decide .

just to be polite, nice and respectful? Oh dude, you have so much to learn about women, she was probably dreading the date from that moment on. She was attracted to you in the beginning, that's why she agreed to go on a date with you . but you just KILLED all the attraction within a second. When you ASK a woman something like this, she will get annoyed at you.

Why? Because you are not different from all the other guys she has dated in the past. So after that false start, where did you go? Dinner? Movies? Great, you are well on the way to becoming your towns most unattractive, unoriginal and most boring date. Listen, every guy takes a woman out to a nice restaurant or to the cinema. Did she sleep and eventually go out with all those guys? I wouldn't bet on it, so what makes you think you will have a chance if you do EXACTLY the same? Think man, think: you have to be DIFFERENT! Look, I will even admit that when you have been going out for maybe 3 months or so, taking your partner out to dinner isn't a bad idea, but for crying out lout don't do it on the first couple of dates. Going to the cinema is pretty similar.

Again, you hit a big cliche and what are you going to do? You can't talk through the movie and don't even think about pulling that lame arm over the shoulder trick. This isn't Hollywood, this is the 21st century . and yes it is just lame. (If you want to wrap your arm around her effectively, just do it by saying "c'mere.") Oh, and another thing: Did you ask to kiss her? If you did, then I should bitchslap your butt right where it came from. NEVER ask, just do it.

Women don't like it if you put the big decisions into their hands. You are the man, and YOU have to lead and take charge of situations so the woman can follow. So next time, take her window shopping where you can tease her all day long or go roller blading in the park. If you still don't know how to effectively kiss a woman, just stop talking, move your hand towards her neck and if she smiles and gets those shiny can lean in and kiss her gently. But if you delivered just another stereotypical date like every other guy, you will share the same destiny like all the other men she has dated: "You're a very nice guy and I had a great time, but let's just be friends" To sum this up real quick: Why do women never call you after a date? Why should they .

you were just like every other guy she has dated in the past: nothing else but boring. Why would any woman want to see you again? Think about it!.

Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

Why Women Never Call You After a Date

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