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Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wedding Videographer Photographer

A great man once said, "Ask and you will receive." It's true and you know it. There's a greater probability you will get what you desire if you ask than if you idly wished and hoped for it. Asking questions of ourselves pushes us to be, do and have more. Asking questions of others also pushes them to be, do and have more.

A parent who tells a child to think of ways to raise money to buy a new bicycle is more helpful than the parent who shuts his/her child up by saying "We can't afford a new bicycle in this house!" When it comes to your wedding photography or film coverage, it pays to ask questions. The right questions. Asking the right questions will ensure you have images that will help you re-live the freshness of your big day over and over again! I love it when clients take the time to engage in exhaustive dialogue with me prior to their big day.

You can interact with your wedding photographer/videographer either via email, telephone or both. Having this kind of dialogue ensures there's no misunderstanding down the road. When I first started in this business, I was guilty of not telling my first client how long it would take to produce their wedding DVD. I obviously suffered the consequences by having them call me at odd hours of the day requesting their DVD.

I don't make those mistakes these days and neither should you. Ask the company or individual every single question that pops into your brain. Okay, there's no need to ask him if he can give you a 99% discount. That's called taking the --- So what questions should you ask? Below are 12 questions I feel are very necessary for you to ask to ensure you have a wonderful experience and excellent DVD or photographs. 1. What packages do they offer and what do they charge for these packages? You can ask them if they'll give you a discount if you introduce someone to them.

2. How many cameras will they use on the day? This is essential if you'll be using a small hall where one camera will do or are having a big occasion where multiple cameras will be necessary. 3. Will they visit the various wedding venues before the big day? Give them the addresses of the various locations and tell them you would like them to visit the various wedding venues. 4.

How long will it take them to produce your wedding DVD? Try and get a specific date or time frame here. 5. What happens if they're late in producing your wedding DVD? 6. How much of the deposit do they require before the wedding day? Some companies will require the full amount before the wedding day.

7. How many copies will they make of your DVD? Tell them how many additional copies you will like. 8. How much will extra copies cost? 9. How long will they stay for your event? You can agree with them a time or an event you definitely want them to cover before they leave. 10.

Do they accept cash, cheques or credit cards payments? 11. Can you see samples of work they've produced in the past? This should give you an idea of what they can do. 12. Are there any guarantees they can offer you? Push them on this. If they're as good as they say they are, then they should be willing to offer you a guarantee if anything goes wrong. So that's it.

12 questions I believe you should ask before you commission someone or a company to film your big day. You don't have to be restricted to the list above. If there's anything you would like explained or simplified, then ask and you will receive.

Have a great day and all the best with your preparations towards your big day!.

Maurice Chuka's company Pen-n-a-Pad Media specialises in producing customised films for clients. His passion is to make pictures his clients love to see. For further details go to

12 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wedding Videographer & Photographer

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